Feb 26, 2018


Last week I opened the door to this.
I knew it was a dance invite for one of the boys. But the question was, which one?
I did what any good mom would do. I made them open it together. 

It was for Cory. 
Bag #1 was some candy and a bunch of different letters that once unscrambled spelled out
What do you prefer?

Inside bags 2-5 were two different yet similar things for him to decide which one he preferred.
#2- Funyuns or Doritos?
#3- (two matchbox cars) pizza van or hot rod? 
#4- m&m's or skittles?

In the last sack, #5, was more candy and more letters that spelled out the girls name and a note that said "I would prefer to go to Preference with you."