Feb 7, 2018


Chores - ugh- 
I believe it's important to train your children how to do certain cleaning tasks around the house, and I believe that it's everyone's responsibly to pitch in and help. We call it contributing. 
We've done pretty much every chore chart/incentive imaginable. I've spent hours trying to evenly divvy up everything that needs to be done. I didn't enjoy it and there were always complaints.
"It was my turn to clean the bathroom last time."

This is how we do chores now, and it's working better than anything we've ever done before.
Everyone spends 10 minutes on their bedroom, 10 minutes on another room in the house, and 10 minutes on homework.
 Since everyone gets to choose what they want to work on, there are no complaints. For some reason, knowing that after 10 minutes they can stop makes the job seem easier. 
I love that I don't have to come up with chores for everyone to do. They look around the house and choose for themselves what needs to be done and then they do it.

It's brilliant. I just wish I had thought of it sooner.