Jan 16, 2018

San Antonio

Part 2 of our Birthday Trip
My favorite part of our Texas Birthday trip was the day we spent in San Antonio. This was my first time to ever set foot in this city, and it was love at first sight. Seriously! I fell in love with all the old buildings and houses, and I loved seeing the trolleys and the cobblestone streets.

Did I mention all the old houses? So pretty!

 Being the history-lover that I am, the Alamo has always been on my bucket list.
Not anymore!
 It was so amazing to be there.
After the tour of the Alamo, we walked down the street to the River Walk. Talk about romantic! We spent hours here walking and shopping. We even took a tour on the river where we learned all about the history of the river walk and about the old buildings. We  finished the night with dinner right by the water. 
For lunch, we ate at the Guenther House. The Guenther House is an old house located right off the river. The millwright, Carl Hilmar Guenther, owner of the local flour mill built and lived in back in the 1860's. 
The entire house is open and you are allowed to tour it at your own leisure. It is beautiful and the food is delicious.
After lunch we stop at a paleta store. (Paleta is Spanish for popsicle.) They had every flavor you could think of. Clint went with lime.
The history and energy of this city is amazing. There are so many things to do. (I hear there's also a Sea World on the other side of the city.) I would go back in a heartbeat.