Jan 19, 2018

New Do

 Kaitlyn has been asking me for months to take her to get her hair trimmed before she turned into Crystal Gayle. (I might have thrown in the part about looking like Crystal Gayle. She has no idea who she is, and if you don't know who Crystal Gayle is either, you must under the age of 30 and you will need to Google her.) Seriously though!
Look how long her Lady Locks have gotten. (No, I'm not talking about the cookie.)

For a long time we weren't sure if her hair was ever going to grow.
Here she is on her 6th Birthday. 
Somewhere between Kindergarten and Third grade, her hair took off, and it's been growing, and growing, and growing ever since. 
That is until Saturday night when she'd had enough and once again begged for me to take her to the hair salon. Feeling lazy and thinking I could buy myself more time, I teasingly suggested I could cut it for her.
She agreed even knowing about my beauty school drop-out status (You can read about that here.)

Oh the faith of a little child!

Here's how it went down:
ME 100 times: How much do you want me to cut off?
Are you sure?
Okay, I'm making the first cut. There's no going back now.
(pause before cutting to wait for any freaking out)

Cross myself and snip! I make the first cut for reals.

Somehow it turned out even and lays perfectly.
Who needs Beauty School Now?
Her 100 times: I love it!!! 
I love it so much!

I love it too. She looks adorable.