Jan 8, 2018

I'm Back

Maybe you noticed, and maybe you didn't, but the entire year of 2017 I did not write a single post -not one. Man have I missed writing and documenting my life! I've missed the creative outlet this space provides, and most of all,  I've missed you.

I took some time off and ended up on my own Eat Pray Love journey. While I didn't go to India, Indonesia or even Italy (I wish!), I did complete a 15 week whole healing program, certified as a family herbalist, ate Vegan for 9 months, hired a life coach, went on four vacations, got really good at meditating and journaling, took a 3 month Mindset Fundamentals course, and read approximately 157,000 books ranging from health and diet, to self-help, and biographies. 

And just like Elizabeth Gilbert, I learned that happiness and what I want in life is totally up to me and me alone. 

News Flash!

In case you didn't know, no one can make you feel anything, only you can do that. So if I'm feeling sad, it's my fault. If I'm feeling irritated at someone, or angry at something - It's totally my fault too. When I'm done throwing a tantrum, like a two year old, I can choose to stop feeling those things and start feeling exactly what I want. You should try it sometime. It really is empowering!