Jan 9, 2018


I've always had a thing for string instruments. Growing up I daydreamed about sitting 'round the fire with all my friends. I'd be strumming Free Fallin' on my guitar while my friends and I all sang along. Having the best time ever, of course!

Later in life I fantasized about playing the cello, just like the guy from the Piano Guys, or rockin' the violin like Lindsey Stirling.
This is all really fascinating to me because I don't, as in DO NOT, like performing in front of others. Even the thought of it now is making me nauseous.

Speaking of nauseous -
Did I ever tell you about the time Clint and I and our kids were asked to sing in church?
Our cute little Kami, #5, did an "Amazing" job singing in the Primary Children's Program. (She thought she was on Broadway and really belted out the songs with a passion!) Apparently the Bishop thought it so adorable and so good and sweet, and since she was so talented, she must have gotten it from her parents, and since her parents were so musically gifted, the entire family must be too, so he asked us (all 8 of us) to sing this sweet little song in church on CHRISTMAS SUNDAY!!!!!
We must have been in a terrible state of shock because we agreed to sing. What!? I still to this day do not know what we were thinking! 

SO -The day of the 'performance' arrived and little Miss Broadway Star suddenly got stage fright, and apparently the other 5 kids did too, because for the entire 4 verse song, it was just Clint and I up there singing away. The congregation was super confused. They had no idea if this was for real or some kind of strange Christmas comedy act.
We can all laugh at it now, but at the time it was terrifying and let some serious emotional scars.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Now back to my fantasy, despite how well I played in my dreams, real life was another thing. 

For Christmas this year, a ukulele was at the top of Kami's Christmas list. Of course I bought her one, and unlike me, she's a natural. She already knows a handful of songs (thank you YouTube). 
It's day and night ukulele here at our house and I love it!

Fireside sing-a long anybody? I'll bring the s'mores.