Nov 25, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

  Ahhh Thanksgiving!!! My very favorite holiday. 
 There are no gifts to wrap, no eggs to hide, no cookies to make, and no candy to buy.
There is however pie! and rolls, and turkey, and green bean casserole, and. . . .well, you get my point.

(Speaking of pie, HERE is my family's traditional award-winning 'pie' recipe)

I just love Thanksgiving Time. 
 I love the decorations,
 the snow,
 olives on fingers,
spending time with family,
  and our annual game of Thanksgiving Bingo.
But the thing I like most about Thanksgiving is counting and focusing on the thousands of things God has given, and done for me.
There's just something about focusing on these blessings that makes me so happy.

I love that we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday first which gives us a chance to focus on the millions of little things God has blessed us with; and then immediately after, we head right into the Christmas season where we celebrate the Greatest Blessing of all, our Savior, Jesus Christ.