Aug 2, 2016

Semi "Vacation"

 Last month, we went on a semi-family vacation.
I say semi because my two oldest boys stayed home to work. 
 And when I say vacation, I mean a USU college orientation for #2 that we turned into a vacation.
 We began our "vacation" by spending a few hours playing at Bear Lake.
 It was windy, but the water was surprisingly warm.
 Speaking of the water, it was really high. You can see we didn't have very much beach to play on.
 The wind and lack of beach didn't deter us from having a blast!
The next day, while Clint and #2 attended orientation at USU, I was in charge of entertaining the rest of the children. This was harder than I thought.
We started out swimming as long as we possibly could in the hotel pool. Then we did a little shopping. #5 bought herself a shirt.
 Next we drove to a park to play and eat lunch, but the children were quickly bored.
I tried to talk them into going to the zoo (-who knew Logan had a zoo?). No takers. 
We did however visit the library, and we drove by the student housing I grew up in as a youngster while my dad was completing his doctoral degree.
 Finally after hours of driving around, we headed to campus, where we just happened to arrive during free ice cream time. What Luck! Aggie's Mint was just what we needed.
 After our ice cream we met up with Clint who helped me entertain the kids for another hour while we waited for #2 to finish up. (Thank goodness)

This might have been a fast, non-exciting vacation, but I've learned that it doesn't really matter where you go, what you do, or for how long you go. What really matters is spending time with your family creating memories, and strengthening relationships.