Aug 8, 2016

Fixer Upper

My children are obsessed with the TV show, Fixer Upper. Last weekend they had the opportunity to do a little "fixer upper" themselves.
 Clint owns this turn of the century investment property (we're talking 1900, not 2000), after almost 10 years of renting it out, he's selling it.
 The good news is, we have a buyer, the bad news is, there are a few "fixer uppers" that need to be done in order for the buyer's loan to go through.
 These repairs included re-stuccoing, ripping down the old rotted wooden trim, and repainting it all.
We hired a handyman to make all the repairs. He came to the house, took notes, gave us a bid, and said he would start Monday. Monday came, no handyman. Tuesday came, no handyman. When Saturday rolled around and there was still no handyman, with the closing this week, we couldn't wait any longer.
 We gathered our little Fixer Upper enthusiasts, and let them play out the show.
We had all hands on deck- sanding, demoing old wood, painting, stuccoing, nailing, etc.
At the end of the day, the children were tired, dirty, and sweaty, but they were also happy and proud of their little "fixer upper".