Jul 22, 2016

Exodus 2016

Last week #2, #3, and #4 had the opportunity to go on an Exodus.

What the heck is an EXODUS?

Exodus - a departure from, exiting from or a journey...

We are leaving behind the piece of our heart that distanced us from God and giving Him our new heart. A heart that loves God above all and places Him first in our lives. One heart, one mind - Zion

 Exodus is similar to a Trek, but without the pioneer theme.
Each child was assigned a Ma and Pa.
Here is #3 with his family
and #4 with his. 
#2 (Can you find her- hint she's on the left side) was on a special team they called the Delta Team.
It was comprised of those who had graduated from high school this past May. 
The Delta group was assigned as helpers along the trial. They served meals, unpacked trailers, help to pull handcarts, and befriended the friendless.
Months and months of preparation were involved, as you can imagine when you take 780  people on a 4 day hike over the mountain. Not to mention feeding them all?
 Here #3 and #4 are practicing setting up and taking down their tents.
 Exodus started up Ephraim Canyon
(Can you find #3?  - He's pulling the handcart on the left)
23 miles over the mountain where they ended their Exodus at
the Manti Utah Temple.
As they walked they thought about what things, things they were holding them back and distancing them from God, that they wanted to leave behind in the mountain.  When they reached the temple each of them made a commitment to be a new better person, to serve God more fully and love Him with all their heart.
 Pulling a handcart for four days in the mountains surrounded by God's creations and His presence, what a truly remarkable, spiritual experience, and I am so grateful my children were able to take part.