Jun 3, 2016

Two Months!

It's been two months since my last post. WHAT?!
Life has been crazy-busy, and I plan to blog it all.


For starters, we've (and when I say we, I mean everyone but me) been working on putting in our yard -FINALLY! After 4 summers without grass, I'm so ready.
 My dad came and helped Clint put in sprinklers. It was a looooong process, that took almost a month to complete.
 Then we had cement poured for a sidewalk, patio, and a basketball court.

 And of course, for memory's sake, we had to add our hand-prints to the fresh cement.
They go in order left to right - Clint, mine,#1, #2, etc
Next, we replaced our crumbling rock wall with a new sturdier, prettier rock wall

We also had a retaining wall built in our backyard.

Things are moving right along. We are so close to being able to feel cool, soft grass under our feet.
All we have left to do is to hire someone to come scrape the rocks out of our yard (there are only 1,459,678,577 of them), and spread topsoil. Then we have curbing and finally sod!
Stay tuned!