Jun 14, 2016

May Happenings

May was an extremely busy month. Isn't it always?

Here are some exciting things that happened:

#6 had her 1st Grade program, which means she's soon going to be a 2nd grader and before I know it, she'll graduate high school, and be leaving the nest.


Okay, I'm getting a little ahead of myself! Please excuse me, I've been a little emotional lately.
She was so cute! She sang. She danced, and she jumproped like a pro for 4 minutes!
I was winded after the first 10 seconds of just watching her.

 #5 and her friend worked for weeks on a dance for their 3rd grade talent show. 
She is a performer. She jumps at the chance to get in front of an audience.
Me . . . I try to avoid it at all cost!