Mar 4, 2016

Winning Streak!

Last night was the district championship game for #4.  All week, they have been playing teams from all over the valley in a single elimination tournament.  They had to beat out 4 other teams in order to get to this point.

These games have been close, which make me nervous and give me anxiety so bad my hands shake, and I want to throw up!
Tuesday's game, was the worst!  We were down by half, but came back to win it with a last second shot! 
Talk about intense and wanting to throw up!

It also didn't help to calm my nerves that my normally passive, calm, quiet husband suddenly became one of "those" loud- calling out plays, reminding the referees (very nicely) to call it both ways, and doing a little refereeing of his own from the stands. 

Luckily that's all behind us.  All the games are over!

We came
We saw
We played
We yelled (mostly at the ref's)
We came out Victorious.

You're looking at the 2016 Champions right here, baby!