Mar 11, 2016

2 Exciting Things

#3 has two exciting things going on :

1. He was asked to his first dance- Preference.
The night this invitation was delivered, all my kids were surprisingly home (something that never happens).  So after tucking in the little girls, we locked up the house, turned off all the lights (inside and out) and settled down in to our warm comfy beds. Just as we're drifting off to La-La Land (around 9:00), there was a knock at the door. I sent Clint to investigate.  He came back with this.

How cute is it? "Beary" Happy.
The asker's name was somehow magically written in the huge giant homemade gummy bear.
So sweet!

He answered her back with the classic "DING-DONG " answer, just changed the wording around a bit.
2.  We have ourselves a new hard-working man, bringing home the bacon.
(What is it about my kids choosing jobs that require them to wear a vest?)
This picture was taken on his first day. I said to him in my sweetest mom voice, "Let's take your picture so we can remember your first day of work."
His answer, "I'll think about it."  Which, in case you don't know, in teenage boy language means, "No thanks!"
So while he was distracted, I snagged a picture of him!  

HA!  Take that!