Feb 12, 2016

Mists of Darkness

It has been really foggy in my neck of the woods lately.  This morning it was clear when I drove #4 to the bus stop, but on my way back (a total drive time of 1 minute), the fog started to roll in. This is what it looked like an hour and a half later when I drove #5 and #6 down to school.  See the sun just peaking out over the mountain?

I already shared this on my Instagram (@rachsgoodlife), but I'm going to share it here too.

Super foggy again at my house. Ironically this morning I read a talk by Cheryl C. Lant. It fits perfectly with the foggy weather. In her talk she poses the question: "What are my mists of darkness?" ----------------------------------
This caused me to think about my own mists of darkness. What are the things that are clouding my judgments, obstructing me from seeing and achieving my goals and visions, and what's blinding me from seeing the hand of God in my life? Do I let myself get lost in the mists of darkness Satan places over me? Do I let him discourage me? ----------------------------------
Just like mother nature's fog, if I'm patient and persevere, the Son ☀️ always comes and dispels the mists of darkness- ALWAYS.