Feb 11, 2016


Wow this week has been a -Ka-RAY-Zee- one!
SUNDAY right before church (our worship starts early at 9:00 am), #3 gets another never ending bloody nose. Which luckily, only dripped on his tie and not on his white shirt or dress pants. 
We ended up walking in late (which I hate) without #3. He came later after his nose stopped bleeding and he reshowered (let's pretend that's a word.)

MONDAY started out awesome with the best, sweetest, most thoughtful text from my oldest daughter- just out of the blue for no reason at all.
It made my day!!!

The next conversation I had was with Gram
This is how that conversation went down:

ME:  Hi Gram!  How was you weekend?
GRAM: Rachael? I can't hear you.  My hearing aids are broken and I was wondering if you could come take me to the doctor today at 4:30.
ME: Sure Gram, I can take you.
GRAM: What?  I can't hear you
ME:  (louder this time) YES
GRAM: What?  I can't hear you.
ME: (Screaming) YES! YES!
GRAM: I can't hear you
(By this point I'm racking my brain trying to figure out how I can let her know I can take her since she can't hear a word I'm saying.)
GRAM: If you can take me, be here a little after 4:00, and I'll meet you in the lobby.

When we hung up I was dying laughing.  Gram needs to learn how to text, so the next time her hearing aids go out, we can communicate.
HAHA .I just love her.

The next call I received was a text from #3 a little after 11:00 am. 
It said, "Will you come get me? I have had a bloody nose for over a half an hour and it still won't stop."
You know I did.  That sucker bled and bled like nobody's business.  We tried everything - ice, nose spray, pressure. He was so afraid they would have to shove a painful pack up it like they did the last time. It finally stopped right before our appointment with the ENT at 2:45.  He cauterized it, and sent him on his way.

However, we were a work-in appointment and had to wait quite a long time.  Remember I'm suppose to pick up Gram for her appointment around 4. It would take me a little over half an hour to get to her. AND #5 and #6 needed to be picked up from school at 3:15.  Luckily I have an awesome husband who always rushes in to save the day.  He left work early enough to pick up the girls. Then he brought them to the ENT's office where we switched places.  He stayed with #3 while the little girls and I picked up Gram and took her to her appointment.

Everything worked out.  Gram can now hear again, and #3 hasn't had another bloody nose yet.