Jan 25, 2016

SuperHero FHE

Years ago for a Relief Society (a Church group for women) lesson, the teacher passed out a piece of copy paper and a big piece of masking tape to every one in the room and instructed us to tape the paper on to our backs. Then she handed each of us a marker. Once everything was handed out and all the papers were taped, she instructed us to go around the room and write on everyone's piece of paper one thing we admire or like about that person.
To close the meeting she said, "Each one of you are Superwoman. You all posses extra-ordinary powers and abilities."  She then directed us to remove our "capes" and read all the things that make us super.

I kept my piece of paper, my superwoman cape, for years and years in my journal.  Whenever I would have a bad day or just needed a boost, I would read my cape.

I hadn't thought about my superwoman cape for years until a few weeks ago when Clint did a similar activity for FHE.
He read This Story from January 2016's The Friend magazine about a little boy, Colton, who gets mad at himself for doing something dumb (which we all do). To make him feel better, his mom helps him make a list of things he likes about himself, his good qualities. He realizes that just because he does something dumb doesn't mean that he's dumb. 

After reading and discussing this story with the kids, Clint passed around a piece of paper and a pen to everyone.  On the top of our paper was our name.  He instructed us to write on the top line, one thing we liked about ourselves.  Then we passed the papers around the room and each wrote one thing we liked about that person on their paper.  
Once again, I was excited to see what qualities others saw in me. 
Once again I felt pretty Super!
It's amazing what a compliment can do for your morale, a good reminder to compliment more- especially ourselves.