Jan 22, 2016

My Study of General Conference

I think by now it's safe to say everyone knows of my deep love for General Conference and the words of our Prophets and Church leaders.  I love to study them, ponder them, and try to apply them to my life.
I love hearing how others study the Word of God, so today, I thought I'd share with you how I like to study the conference talks.

I heard somewhere that there are 3 types of learning styles, hearing, reading, and writing.  I use all three to help me learn and retain the conference messages.
I like to start out by listening (hearing) to the talk while reading along in the Ensign (or if the Ensign hasn't arrived yet, a talk printed off lds.org).

While I listen and read, I like to underline, and write down my thoughts.
Sometimes I have to pause the talk when I do this.

Once I've finished listening to the talk all the way through, I read back over it and write down my favorite parts. It may be a scripture, a quote, inspiration I received, or something I want to share with my children or my husband.

This is a mole-skin notebook I picked up at a discount store. It doesn't have to be fancy, any notebook will work.


You can make your own, using a 3-ring binder and some paper.

I purchased these printable study notes from The Red Headed Hostess, but you could easily make your own.

What's most important is that you're writing down and recording what you learned and what the Spirit taught you during that particular talk.

Once I've written everything down, I pick a quote from the talk that really stood out to me -something I need to be reminded of, or something I want to work on, maybe it was just something that made me smile - whatever it is, I write it down (or in most cases I type it up - You could also look online, maybe someone's already created a printable of that quote.), and hang it up somewhere I will see it often.

Then I usually blog about it.  You can find those HERE.

How do you study the conference talks?