Jan 21, 2016

I "HEART" Mornings

 I would never have considered myself to be a "morning person".
Growing up, my poor mother would have to pry me out of bed every morning for school. (Thanks Mom!) I liked my sleep, and I definitely did not like even the idea of waking up early.
It's funny how the tides have changed. I now love my early mornings.  I'm usually up by 5:30 am.
I love opening the blinds to the view of the city lights twinkling below.
 The house is so quiet and peaceful. I have time to let my brain wake up before the chaos of the day begins.
I pull out my scriptures and read (my day always goes better when I begin it with God's word.) as I watch the sun crest up over the east mountain peaks waking up the sleeping world below, and turning the skies a brilliant shade of magenta.
There's just something about an early morning that has me addicted.  I love it. I inhale it, I can't get enough. It leaves me wanting and always coming back for more.