Jan 14, 2016

Early Morning Adventures

Good morning! It 6:26 am my time. Since I have nothing else to do I thought I'd blog to you live from location. 

Where am I?

Yep, I'm sitting at the scary local laundromat in the wee hours of the morning praying that no creepy person notices I'm here. 

Our dryer broke again. Yes we fixed it back in August after a week of hanging our clothes out on the patio, the front porch, and the cement driveway to dry (I'm sure the neighbors loved it). Fingers crossed we can fix it again (when I say we, I mean Clint) and STAT. It's way too cold to hang our underwear outside to dry.  Plus, what kind of mother would I be making my kids wear frozen underwear to school? 

Last night at dinner, we discussed the broken dryer. However, there was one certain 13 year old that somehow didn't get the message.  He got up early, and 

Oh crap. . . I hear something. Quick! HIDE ME!!!

Phew! It was just the heater banging on.
Don't panic. I'm okay. 

Where was I? Oh yes, he woke up early and washed the clothes he needed/wanted/had his heart set on wearing today, only to realize the dryer wouldn't work, and he was left with wet clothes to wear today.  If only he'd paid attention at dinner last night.- DUH!

So his nice, kind, "Momma of the Year" mother dug through her piggy bank for quarters, and took his sopping wet clothes, risking her life in the process, to dry them at the laundromat.

And here I sit. Waiting for clothes to dry, and watching for creepers.
If you don't see a blog post from me tomorrow, better tune in to the news - there might have been a stabbing at the local laundromat!

p.s. I sent Clint this photo.  His reply - "Wow! They have free Wi-Fi."
I didn't find that very amusing.