Jan 4, 2016

Christmas Party 2015

The day after Christmas (yes, I'm still posting about Christmas), we had Clint's siblings over for a Christmas party.

Clint has 7 siblings, two sister, and five brothers.
Out of the 7, five live close-by (with-in a 45 minute or less drive), only a sister and a brother live out of state.

Two of his siblings were able to make to our little get-together, his sister, Lisa and his brother, Scott.

We had the best time.  We went sledding, and redneck sledding (don't know what that is- look here).  We ate, and visited. The cousins played together, the brothers played together, and the sisters played gabbed together - a whole lot!

We also played the Candy Bar Game.  The kids think it is the most fun game ever!
We play it by placing a ton of candy bars on the table. (I usually do two or so for each person playing.)  Then you get 3 sets of dice, and evenly space them out between the players. (I like to put these on a paper plate or in a pie tin so they are kept kind of contained.) When everyone is ready to play, you set a timer for 7 minutes, then yell GO!  The players who started out with the dice, roll them once.  If they roll doubles (the same number on each dice), they get to pick a candy bar.  They then pass the dice to the person on their left, who does the same thing (rolls, grabs a candy bar or not, and passes the dice). Once all the candy bars are gone from the middle of the table, the fun begins.  If you roll a double, you can take one from anyone on the table.  We've played where you can hide your candy bar, so everyone must remember what you have and ask for it correctly in order to get it, but for this young group, we just had everyone keep them on the table. Once the timer goes off, whatever candy bars you have are yours to keep.  Some players are left with 4 or 5, some are left with none.
This is a super fun, competitive, fast-paced game that seems to always be a crowd-pleaser for any occasion.