Dec 18, 2015

Holiday Baking

Yesterday I spent the day hanging out with my Bosch mixer. After making 20 dozen cinnamon rolls (that's 5 batches) together we're now BFF's, Besties, Baes, and FFL (Friends for Life)!
Thanks to my 1-hour Cinnamon Roll recipe, I actually whipped these up in no time (Thank goodness cause "Ain't nobody got time for that!").
Once they were frosted and completely cooled, I tied them up with a pretty little bow, added a  cheesy cute little tag, 
 then with the help of all my kids, loaded them all up in the car and had #5 and #6 deliver them them to each house.
We also (with no time to spare) finished all the friends and teacher gifts.  #4 is a T.A. in the Main Office at his school.  This is what he is giving to the secretaries he works with. If you know #4's personality, this gift represents him perfectly.

While I'm hustling and bustling trying to finish everything today, I'll be thinking of this, my absolute favorite Christmas quote.  Happy Friday!