Dec 29, 2015

Gingerbread House Throw-Down 2015

 Last year, we started a new Christmas Eve tradition-
The Gingerbread House Throw-Down
Guys vs Girls

  This year, the guys meticulously planned out their design
 They really thought through how they wanted to decorate their house.
When I say they thought it through, I really mean they THOUGHT it through.

 While Team Girls was halfway through with their house,
 Team Guys was still thinking
 and thinking. . .
 Team Girls is almost finished
 while on the otherside of the table, Team Guys have finally finished all that thinking, and have come up with a plan.
 I've got to give credit to #2 who instead of going for the 'WIN', she went for the 'GIVE', and let her little sisters do most of the piping and decorating.

I love how the kids place boxes up so the other team can't see what they're doing and copy off them.

 Finally each team was finished, and it was time for the reveal. . . . .
Which team would you choose as the Champions?
Here we have TEAM GIRLS
and side
and side.

The judges (Dad and Grandma & Grandpa) chose TEAM GUYS as the winner!