Dec 17, 2015

Christmas Time is Here

Christmas is in full swing over here at the Collins' house. There are only two days left of school for the year, and I'm scrambling like a mad woman to finish all the shopping, the wrapping, and the neighbor gifts so I can spend the week of Christmas just hanging out with my kids.

We've made a list of treats to make, movies to watch, and activities to do, and I can't wait.  I just hope everyone sleeps in cause I could sure use the sleep!

"I invite each one of us to find, during this Christmas season, a moment in the quiet of our souls to acknowledge and offer heartfelt gratitude to “the Generous One.”
Let us consider the compassionate, beloved, and boundless mercy of our Father in Heaven.
As we shop for gifts—as we give and receive them—may we also take time to quietly contemplate the bountiful gifts God has showered upon us, His children."