Nov 6, 2015

Birthday Surprise

This beauty turns 18 tomorrow!  I'm still in denial.  I don't like my babies to grow up.
It's just not fair. I think we should put a stop to it immediately!
This year, her BFF for months has been planning and scheming up a little birthday surprise.
 Monday it was finally time to reveal the surprise!
What was it?
Are you sure you really want to know?
I don't want to bore anyone.
Is the suspense killing you yet?
The surprise is


a weekend


in St. George, Utah

with her BFF

and her

this guy right here - David Archuleta.

It was a ticket to see her celeb crush in concert!

The little girls last night dreamt for hours that #2 would come home married to Mr. Archuleta and then he could be there uncle?!  They were a little disappointed when I informed them he would not be their uncle, but their brother-in-law.