Nov 8, 2015

The Joy of Living a Christ-Centered Life

 by Elder Richard J. Maynes

"The world in which we live is putting great pressure on good people everywhere to lower or even abandon their standards of righteous living. However, despite the evils and temptations that surround us each day, we can and will find true joy today in living a Christ-centered life."

We can and WILL find true joy by living a Christ-centered life.
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I love analogies.The Parable of the Potter's Wheel is no exception.  This parable teaches us the importance of living a life centered on Christ.

Elder Maynes shares the experience of Elder Taiichi Aoba, who was asked to teach a class at a youth conference. Elder Aoba decided to use his vocation as a potter for his lesson.
He gathered the youth around his potter's wheel and showed them how almost magically he was able to transform a lump of clay into a bowl, plate, or cup.  He then had a few of the youth try. Clay flew across the room and none were successful in their attempts. He asked the youth why they were unsuccessful.  Answers varied from "I have no talent" to "I have no training or experience".
Elder Aoba explained that all of these were true, but the main reason for their failure was that the clay was not centered on the wheel.  The youth thought they had placed it in the center, but from a professional's perspective, it wasn't exact center.

Elder Aoba had the youth try again.  This time he placed the clay on the exact center of the wheel for them, and their results were much different than their first attempt.  The reason for their success was because the clay was perfectly centered on the wheel.

"The world in which we live is similar to the potter’s spinning wheel, and the speed of that wheel is increasing. Like the clay on the potter’s wheel, we must be centered as well. Our core, the center of our lives, must be Jesus Christ and His gospel. Living a Christ-centered life means we learn about Jesus Christ and His gospel and then we follow His example and keep His commandments with exactness."
"If our lives are centered in Jesus Christ, He can successfully mold us into who we need to be in order to return to His and Heavenly Father’s presence in the celestial kingdom. The joy we experience in this life will be in direct proportion to how well our lives are centered on the teachings, example, and atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ."

". . .like the clay on the potter’s wheel, our lives must be centered with exactness in Christ if we are to find true joy and peace in this life."