Nov 17, 2015

Kid Sister

Anyone remember the 1980's toy Kid Sister?
The commercial (watch it here) had an annoyingly catchy tune that gets stuck in your head for months:

Kid Sister, Kid Sister
Wherever I go, you're gonna go.
Kid Sister, Kid Sister
Kid Sister and me!

If you don't remember, you were either living under a rock, or you're not old like me.
It was on the t.v. all the time!
 We're very fortunate to have our very own, living, breathing Kid Sister at our house.
Whatever Big Sister goes, Kid Sister's gonna go, and 
whatever Big Sister does, she's gonna do.
For example,
If #2 doodles, Kid Sister #6 is going to doodle too.
If #2 likes a certain song, Kid Sister #5 is going to like it too, and listen to it over and over and over again.

When I think of #2, I think of the quote:
Be an example to others of all that is good in this world,
for others will copy you, and they will also become good examples.

Thank you #2 for being the best Big Sister to your Kid Sisters!