Nov 27, 2015

I'm Alive!

It's true!  I'm alive.  I wish I could say the reason I haven't blogged all week is because I've been glued to my couch, unable to do anything except to relax, read, and eat Bon-Bons. The truth is I've been running around like a turkey with it's head cut off (pun intended)

So just in case you missed me and have been suffering withdraws from lack of super interesting informative post this past week, let me recap.

I. Last week was Sadie Hawkins.  
Just look at this adorable group of guys and girls!
They came to our house for a "Make-Your-Own-Pizza" date before the dance.
(more on this later)

II. Last week we also moved Gram again.  
She moved from HERE to a brand-spankin' new place 2 blocks down the street.  It's super nice.  The staff is incredible, and she's getting more bang for her buck!
It was very fortunate for us that the night we moved her stuff in was PIE NIGHT at the assisted living center.
When #3 was little, he used to always write, say, type, sing, sign: "I like pie."  
Needless to say, he likes pie, and was very happy to be rewarded for his service with pie.

III.  Last but not least, basketball has begun.
#4 is playing on an accelerated league, and the season is in full swing!

I've also been busy helping with Thanksgiving activities at the elementary school, trying not to go crazy figuring out this years Christmas gifts, and cleaning -always cleaning.

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!  I'll post more about ours next week.  I'm so grateful for all my blessings, and the God who gives them all.