Nov 9, 2015

Birthday Time

 Another birthday week has almost come and gone.  We just have Clint's birthday to celebrate tomorrow. For my birthday, Clint and I drove to the BIG CITY and spent the day shopping, playing, eating, and sight-seeing. I love that every year he takes a day off from work to spend my birthday with me, and boy does he spoil me rotten.

Saturday was Gram and #2's birthday. Gram celebrated her 92nd birthday, and #2 her eighteenth.
Since #2 was out of town, Gram had to celebrate all by herself.
 Speaking of #2, her  surprise birthday weekend was a success! 
She had fun in St. George with her friend shopping, swimming, and eating out.
And let's not forget the concert!  I think her Instagram post says it all!
Archie even sang Happy Birthday to her!
(really to one of his band members- but we're just going to pretend it was just for her.)
Last night, once she made it back in to town, we had her 18th Birthday Party!
Oh how I love this girl!  I wish I could turn back the clock and make her two again!
She grew up way WAY too fast.