Nov 30, 2015

Beauty School Dropout

This girl!  She's a girly girl.  She likes clothes, bows, sparkles, ribbon, make-up, anything girly, she's into it!  She's also into fancy hair styles.
Every morning she wants a fancy up-do done to her hair. The only problem is that her mom is a "beauty school drop-out" and can barely even pull-off a plain-Jane braid. (Okay, I never really went to beauty school.  But I am definitely creatively challenged when it comes to hair.  I just can't do it!)

Every morning she asks me to do to her hair up in some style she has seen online.  After watching a How-To video several 1000 times, I make my first attempt. It doesn't go well.  I try again.  UGH!  That's not looking so good either.  I try again.  It's okay, definitely not cute, and certainly not what it's suppose to look like; and to top it all off, it falls out pretty much before school even starts.

It's torture- Torture for me, and torture for her. It usually ends in tears for us both.
The hair-do you see in the photos above is about as fancy as it gets around here.

Maybe I need to ask Santa for a Barbie deluxe hair styling head so I can practice.  .  .Better yet, a live-in hair dresser.