Nov 12, 2015


Birthdays And Everything:
 Last Tuesday we celebrated my boyfriend's birthday.
All day long I couldn't help but think of how grateful I am to have him.
He is the best of the best.  
He's smart, funny, compassionate, loving, kind, righteous, athletic, handsome, super talented (pretty much he can do anything), I could go on and on. 
How I got lucky enough to be his wife, I'll never know, but I'm grateful every day I'm his.
 We celebrated in typical birthday fashion with a birthday dinner,
-Clint chose Shepherd's Pie with homemade rolls-
and cake.  Except this time it was pie -Mint Chocolate Chip pie, topped with an awful lot of candles,
followed by presents.
Happy Birthday Clint!

p.s. -  #6 was in charge of taking photos, thus the reason you see only a portion of Clint's face.