Oct 5, 2015

Loose Tooth

#6 lost another tooth - just in time for picture day at school.
You would think loosing a tooth would be a simple thing.  You stick it under your pillow for the Tooth Fairy, go to sleep, and wake up to find money in place of your tooth.  RIGHT?  
Not at our house. . .. 
We like to add pizzazz to everything we do.  Remember THIS?
(When I say we, I mean #5 and #6- but mostly #5.)
This time there was a note left for the Tooth Fairy that asked her to please leave some of her sparkle and to write back.  When I explained that the Tooth Fairy probably doesn't have time because she's so busy trying to get to everyone's teeth, I was told that the tooth fairy always writes back and leaves some sparkle or dips her wings in a designated glass of water, which then colors the water the same color as her wings for the little neighbor friend across the street.


That "Tooth Fairy" must have way too much time on her hands and is really making the other tooth fairies look bad. Seriously!

Sometimes I feel like writing my own tooth fairy note:

Dear Tooth Fairy of the little friend across the street,
Please stop.  Just take the tooth, leave the money, and ignore the notes, so that the tooth fairy that visits our house, who doesn't have time for wing dipping, and sparkle dropping, can feel good about only leaving a dollar underneath the kid's pillow.

Thank you,
a very busy, tired, uncreative mother of 6