Oct 26, 2015

Gearing Up for Halloween!

We're getting ready for the big day on Saturday!
We have the Halloween Party station playing on Pandora.
Yesterday we had a Pumpkin Meal - consisting of all things pumpkin- pumpkin soup, pumpkin knot rolls, and an old family favorite, pumpkin supreme
Tonight for FHE, we're buying and carving pumpkins.
We have several Halloween parties and activities we will be attending this week, all leading up to a day of Trick or Treating on Saturday!
Whoot! Whoot!
I thought it would be fun to spend this week reliving past Halloweens:
(please try not to get too excited)
 (look at little tiny #6)
My favorite Halloween photo of all time - Bathing Beauty Gram!
also 2008

to be continued!