Sep 14, 2015

Weekend Happenings

In no particular order. . . .
 Clint's little cousin Samantha got married Saturday in the Mesa, AZ temple!  I was so very sad I could not be there.  She looks beautiful!
 Today (technically not part of the weekend, but . . . .), I began another Bikini Body Mommy challenge.  This will be my 3rd.  My goals this time around are:
1.  Gain more muscle

2. Lose more body fat. 
I'm not sure exactly where I am, but I think I want to lose about 3-5% more.  In order to accomplish this I'm going to have to really work on goals 3 and 4.

3. Eat more veggies, less fruit, and increase my healthy fats.

4. Move more!  Sometimes I think I eat out of boredom.  I think I'm hungry, but really I'm just looking for something to do.  To combat this, I'm going to try going for a walk whenever I think I this might be the case. 
 Yesterday, Sunday, we had a good two hour visit with Gram.  She seems to be doing much better acclimating to her new life in a retirement center. We went for a walk around the grounds, visiting the duck pond, and floating leaf boats down the stream along our way.
Friday afternoon this was mysteriously dropped off at our door.
It was a invite for #2 to Homecoming.  The dance is a week from Saturday. EEK! We're going shopping today.  Wish us luck!