Sep 8, 2015


Over the weekend we celebrated #1's birthday.  He turned nineteen years old, and I'm still in shock.
Where did my baby boy go?
I love celebrating birthdays.  I always try to spend the day focusing on that person, what I love about them, what they add to our family, and how I've become better by having them in my life.
 This guy has taught me a lot!  Being the first born, he has been the guinea pig.  He's helped me to learn how to be a good mother.  He's also taught me patience, the importance of having trust, and what it means to unconditionally love someone.  I am and always will be forever grateful God trusts me enough to be his mother. 
 We usually do birthday parties around dinner time but this year due to #1's work schedule we ended up partying over an early lunch.  We had his favorite dinner - pork chops, rice, and broccoli (except I ran out of broccoli and forgot to buy some at the store so we had peas).
For his cake, he requested the same thing he has for the last 4 years - a BTS Cake.
 There were practical gifts, edible gifts, and one big gift. . . .
 a computer monitor to go with the new PC he's been saving up for and just bought himself.
Happy Birthday #1.