Sep 10, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

We had the best Labor Day weekend.
We started out Friday with a trip to the carnival
(The town just south of us had their "days".)
Saturday afternoon, two of Clint's siblings,  his sister, Lisa, and her family, and his brother, Scott, and his family came over for a BBQ. 
 We ate, rode 4-wheelers, ate some more, talked, laughed, ate again.
The little cousins played,
and the big boys played.
(They recently refinished the black-top in our cul de sac.  It's nice and smooth now- perfect for a game of Roller-Hockey!) 
AND. . .
 It wouldn't be Labor Day without going to a parade, and keeping with tradition, that's exactly what we did on Monday
 There's just something so fun and exciting about a small town parade.
Maybe it's the candy they throw, maybe it's being able to wave to your friends as they ride by on a float, or maybe it's the energy of the whole thing.  Whatever it is, we love it!