Sep 29, 2015

Homecoming Dance!

 Last Saturday night was the Homecoming Dance!  
 #2 didn't have very long to find a dress.  We left one evening around 5:30 and five stores and three hours later, she had found it! (Since you can't see me, let me tell you- I'm doing a Happy Dance!)
 She looks super pretty and cute!  I love that her dress is something she can wear again (like to church on Sunday).
#6 put herself on look-out duty.  She asked #2 what color car he drove and what color hair he had.  Then she waited and watched for him to arrive.  
When she spied his car driving down the hill street she hollered, "He's coming down the street!" 
 When he turned onto our actual street, she checked to make sure the driver had blondish hair then announce, "Yep, it's really him!"  
She watched him get out of the car walk up the front walk, then turn around to return to his car.
"He's turning around."
  "He's going back to his car!"
 "He forgot your flower thing!"
"Okay, he's coming back."
"He's ringing the doorbell."
Then as she's opening the door, "He's HERE!!!!!"

Haha! You'd think having little siblings would be "Like SO Totally Embarrassing", but #2 just laughs and thinks it's funny. She's such an amazing big sister.

p.s.- I think #2's date looks similar to Lucas Grabeel, aka Ryan from High School Musical.
And we know how much #2 is smitten with anything HSM!