Aug 6, 2015

Zip-Line = Flat-line

We spent last Saturday and Sunday up at Heber Valley Camp (HVC).  It is heavenly up there.  I just bask in the quiet, peaceful, serene, beautiful atmosphere of it all.  
 I get to be with my family.  I get to see my mom and dad.
What could be better?
 We are allowed two "visits" per year.  Since my parents served there last year, this was our 4th stay.
Each visit includes a challenge course (there are 5 different ones to choose from), boating on the lake, and an over-night stay in one of their awesome cabins
 Mom and Dad choose the challenge course for us, and this time they chose the zip-line, or Challenge Course #2. 
I have a love-hate relationship with the Zip-line.  I don't mind climbing the 20 foot pole up to the top, but the moment I have to step on the horizontal pole and make the walk across to the actual zip-line, my fear of heights sets in and really scares the bejeebers out of me.
Finally after I get my knees to stop shaking and I make it to the zip-line platform, my heart finally starts to slow-down, and I can breathe again.  The worker hooks you up, gives you a pep-talk, and then it's time to jump to your death.  (Okay not really, but it feels that way.)  It takes a serious amount of trust to leap off that super high platform.  Once you do and the initial rush is over.  It becomes so fun, you almost -almost- want to do it again.
 (I chose this picture because I look really tan in it. - That is all.)
 Every time we go, Clint and I mention how fun it would be to have a family reunion up here with his family.  Who knows. . . one day, we might actually do it!
 At each challenge course and also the lake they have a sandbox for the children to play in. (Whoever thought of this idea must have been a mom with little kids.  Bravo Lady!) 
After the challenge course, we canoed on the lake where I had the cutest view.
There's just something awesome about having fun with your family outdoors.
I can't wait to go back!  (Next time, I'm forcing #1 to call in sick to work . . .Insert Evil Laugh. . .)