Aug 13, 2015

Small Town, Big Heart (Part 1)

Man have these last few weeks been busy.  Actually, this whole summer has been one activity after another.  I'm not complaining.  It has been really fun.  Last week, as I briefly mentioned here, was our town's week to celebrate.  
Our town host tons of family-friendly activities. I mentioned mud volleyball.
We also watched the Cardboard Duct-tape Regatta.
More about that HERE

 And for all you farmers out there, here we are watching the Tractor Pull-
Each tractor hooks up to the yellow trailer loaded with heavy cement barricades.  The barricades slowly move up from the back of the trailer to the front.  The judge measures how far each tractor can pull the weight before it just can't go any further.  The farthest tractor wins.
 This was my first time to ever experience an event like this.  As you can tell, I was pretty enthralled. 
Actually, it just took this city girl a long time to figure out how the whole thing worked. 
 Wednesday night was the movie in the park.  This year the movie was what we refer to as "Baymax" or Big Hero 6.  
 Popcorn, a drink, and glow-sticks are included in this free event.
It's a great time for all!
The adults visit with each other, the kids run around playing made up games, and for the teenagers, it's like a back-to-school social.  This is probably my favorite activity.
Friday, was the Children's Parade.
This is a simple, and short parade where the children ride their bikes or scooters about half a mile from the elementary school to the park.  Once they reach the park, they get a popsicle and we go home.
The kids are happy, the parents are happy.  It's a win-win.