Aug 21, 2015

Phase 10 Throw-down

(Game Photos courtesy of #6)
Ohhh Phase 10.  We've played this game almost every Sunday over the summer.
Why is it that this game can bring out the raging, ruthless, no-mercy monster in even the most sweet, humble and meek person? 
Last Sunday we had Clint's little brother, Russell, over for dinner and of course, a little friendly game of Phase 10.  When I say friendly, I mean fierce, hypercompetitive, cutthroat, dog eat dog, someone's going to go home crying.  Friendly just sounds nicer. 
 This was an intense game with skip cards being thrown down all over the place.  One time I even threatened to call the cops if they didn't settle down (okay not really).
#6 and I stayed out of ring on this one.  We were happily making cookies in the background.
(Cookies courtesy of #6 too)