Aug 28, 2015


Oh man has this school year been a rough one and we're only a week and a half in!
Every single morning since school started, it has been one cry fest after another.  #6 who is quiet, shy, very timid, and a total mama's girl has cried every single school day, which means I have cried every single day school day.  She sometimes wakes up crying, nervous about going to school.  She loves it, but says it lasts too long.  (She'd rather be home baking, playing, and watching cooking shows with her mama.) She gets homesick
When we pull up to the school that's when the tears really start to fall. The crying is never a tantrum-like hard cry.  It just a silent, tears falling, -lots and lots of tears falling- cry  Her teacher has been so sweet to wait for her by the door -every single day- take her by the hand, comfort her, and help her acclimate to being away from home for 6 hours each day.  
Have you ever had to leave your child at school crying?  It's so hard.  It makes me cry, which makes everyone I pass in the hall wonder why this mom is still bawling her eyes out on the 8th day of school!  Then I come home to a quiet, empty house and that makes me cry some more.  I need a teacher waiting for me at my front door to dry my tears and help me acclimate to all my babies growing up!