Aug 10, 2015

Guardian Angel

Late last Wednesday night, as we approached the crest of the hill by our house, the one that looks down on the entire valley below, we could see emergency lights - police cars, ambulances, firetrucks, etc- a lot of them, just down the street.  
My heart sunk, and began beating irregularly as I thought of #1 who would have been on his way home from work.
At that very moment as the what I call "mom-panic" was setting in, I receive a text, from #1.
"I've been in a wreck"-
My mind screams at once, What? No! This isn't happening.  Where are you?  Are you hurt?  Is anyone else hurt?  Was it your fault?
I think because he knew my mama-heart couldn't handle it, and because we had two little sleepy girls in the back, Clint dropped us off at home, and he and #2 and #3 went down to investigate the flashing lights below - and yes they belonged to #1.
 While they were gone, I was a nervous wreck.  Luckily I had two kids there with their own cell phone.  I was texting them both- Is #1 okay?  Is anyone hurt?  What happened?  What can you see?  How bad is it? etc etc
Unfortunately, Clint had told them to stay in the car, and they couldn't see or hear much.
 Finally close to 1 am, 1.5 hours later, my baby boy walked through the door.  It was the best feeling ever! 
 Here's what happened:  The car you see in this photo was stopped at a stop sign facing west.  The red truck was stopped at the stop sign facing east. #1 was headed south about 40 miles per hour, up the hill to our house with no stop sign.  The car pulled out right in front of  #1.  He hit his brakes, and in the split seconds before impact, knew he needed to swerve hard or he would t-bone right into the girl sitting in the passenger seat. He swerved fast enough, and hit her on the back right. (You can see this in the photo above)
His car ricocheted off the car and crashed into a brick fence.  The girls flew into the truck.
The amazing part - no one was seriously hurt.
5 days later, #1 is extremely sore (all his airbags went off).  He tore the soft tissues in his neck and spine, which he is and will for quite some time be seeing a doctor for. But there was no blood, no broken bones, no concussions. . . It was a miracle.
After sending a photo to my mom, her response was, "#1 had a guardian angel with him for sure!"
After the panic and stress has settled, and I've spent time reflecting on this traumatic event, I know that she is right. He did have a Guardian Angel there protecting him, and helping him maneuver his car so he so no one was hurt. This accident was in Divine hands, God's hands.