Aug 20, 2015

Good Day/Bad Day


Yesterday was an all around HARD day!
#6 started 1st Grade.  That means I'm all alone, as in by myself, for 6 hours every day.  I've dreamt about this day for years, imagining all the fun I would have and all the things I would accomplish.  Now that it's here, I hate it!  It's so quiet and lonely.  By 11 am yesterday I was so bored.  I was dying for a mess to clean up or a fight to referee.  (Weird, I know!)


I spent last night here, in the Payson Temple, cleaning.  From 9:30 pm until midnight, a group of volunteers cleans the temple - every day (except for Saturdays and Sundays)!  I swept all the stairs, dusted, washed windows, and vacuumed.  It was awesome, the perfect way to end my day!