Jul 7, 2015

Yellowstone 2015 - Day 5

Back in the car we go.  Today we traveled the Northern Loop of Yellowstone National Park, (or YNP if you want to be cool). up to Mammoth Hot Springs.
 On our way we stopped at Tower Falls.

The drive to Mammoth is kind of long, but it takes you through Lamar Valley, a popular place to see lots of wildlife.  Unfortunately we saw nothing, but some Bison and a Pronghorn (that only I saw!)
Mammoth Hot Springs is were the historic Fort Yellowstone is located.
It is full of old buildings, and kind of transports you back in time, which I am fascinated with.
It is also known as Yellowstone's Headquarters.  This is where most of the Park Ranger's live.
 It is famous for its Elk that roam everywhere.
 seriously- everywhere
They are not afraid of people one bit and will lay down wherever they please.
 Mammoth Hot Springs is also famous for
It's Hot Springs (duh).
It's pretty to see all the colors from the minerals in the springs.
While here, these little munchkins completed their Junior Ranger requirements.  
They were sworn in as official Junior Park Rangers and given a badge to pin on their shirt.
This is what they've been looking forward to the whole trip!