Jul 6, 2015

Yellowstone 2015- Day 4


 Today, we did the other half of the lower loop which includes all of the Geyser's and Hot Springs.

 The last time we went to Yellowstone, we missed seeing the incredible Prismatic Spring.
From the ground it looks like this, but -
If you hike up high enough it looks like this!  WOW!
 Our last stop for the day was Old Faithful!  This is what Yellowstone is famous for!
 Animal-wise- so far in the park, we have seen lots of buffalo (although not as much as the previous time).
 A moose
 a grizzly bear (yes, that's a bear!  It was miles away in a field).
 Several elk
and a mama moose with her calf .
(I really had no idea what a baby moose was called. Thank goodness for Google.)
We spent the evening at Lake Hebgen again.
Riding around it- that is.

Yes- this boy's got some mad interesting riding skills.
(Don't worry-He was actually stopped when he did this.)