Jul 5, 2015

We'll Ascend Together

by Sister Linda K. Burton

I couldn't agree more with Sister Burton when she says:
"I am convinced that a husband is never more attractive to his wife than when he is serving in his God-given roles as a worthy priesthood holder - most important in the home."

Sister Burton quotes President Packer who speaking to worthy husbands and fathers said, 
"You have the power of the priesthood directly from the Lord to protect your home.  There will be times when all that stands as a shield between your family and the adversary's mischief will be that power."

I can remember a talk given by a high counselor who told of a dream he had had.  In his dream, he was watching a thick black cloud making it's way over the city towards his house.  He noticed it covered everything in it's way.  When it finally reached his house, he noticed that there was a bubble, or a shield over his house that this black cloud could not penetrate through.  He had the distinct impression that the shield of protection was priesthood power along with his family striving to keep evil out of their home.

The responsibility to shield the family isn't just the husbands job.  Sister Burton says,
"We need each other!  As covenant-keeping women and men, we need to lift each other and help each other become the people the Lord would have us become.  And we need to work together to lift the rising generation and help them reach their divine potential as heirs of eternal life.  We could do as Elder Robert D. Hales and his wife, Mary, have done and follow the proverb 'Thee lift me and I'll lift thee, and we'll ascend together.'"

"We are here to help, lift, and rejoice with each other as we try to become our very best selves."

One way we can lift each other is by speaking kind words to each other.

"How often do we "speak kind words to each other"?"

We can test ourselves by answering the following 5 questions:
    When was the last time I sincerely praised my companion, either alone or in the presence of our children?

  2. When was the last time I thanked, expressed love for, or earnestly pleaded in faith for him or her in prayer?

  3. When was the last time I stopped myself from saying something I knew could be hurtful?
    When was the last time I apologized and humbly asked for forgiveness—without adding the words “but if only you had” or “but if only you hadn’t”?
    When was the last time I chose to be happy rather than demanding to be “right”?

"If any of these questions lead you to squirm or feel a tinge of guilt, remember that Elder David A. Bednar has taught that 'guilt is to our spirit what pain is to our body - a warning of danger and a protection from additional damage.'"

I believe these things don't have to apply to just husband and wife.  We can all help to strengthen and shield the family. Be a Builder not a bulldozer- lift others, sincerely praise them, express your love and appreciation often, learn to bite your tongue, ask for forgiveness and forgive others.  
I think if we all made "Thee lift me, and I'll lift thee, and we'll ascend together" the motto we lived by, the world would be a much better place.