Jul 14, 2015

The 4th at HVC

After the parade, we headed to the mountains of Heber Valley Camp (HVC).
It was our turn to visit my parents on their mission.  We met, as we always do, at the park in Heber City where we ate an early dinner, had ice cream from Dairy Keen, and then headed up the mountain to HVC.
We began on the lake.

 Everyone chose to canoe, except for us.  We decided to be different 
 and take out a paddle boat instead.  They might be slow, but hey! they're a great workout for your legs.

 When my legs were screaming they'd had enough, we went and played on the beach.
Clint schooled the boys in a little game of horseshoe before it was time to for our appointment with the 'swing of death'.
 Okay that's not what it's really called, but I do think it has a nice ring to it.  Don't you?
 After harnessing up 
you step up on this ladder where you're hooked up to a giant rope
pulled by these handsome men, and yours truly.
These amazingly strong and good looking rope pullers pull you up to that black square on the tree.
Then, when your trust is in order, your good-byes have been said, and you've crossed yourself at least 3 times, you let go of the rope and plunge down to the ground below.
Once the ride is over, praises of gratitude to God for sparing your life have been spoken, and your eyes have stopped watering from the major-wedgie you've just experienced, you're done -Ride's Over, and you get in line to do it again!