Jul 16, 2015

Summer Camp

One of the fun things about summer vacation is Camp!   
 #4 was the first to pack up and leave me for a week of Scout Camp.
He left the Monday before we left on our family vacation to Yellowstone.
He and his troupe attended Tifie Scout Camp in Mt. Pleasant, UT.
The week was a success and he was able to complete several merit badges, and stay out of trouble!
The day after we returned from our vacation, #3 left for a week of testimony strengthening, games, and girls at EFY.  He had a blast!  We picked him up just in time for our 4th of July festivities.
Last week, #2 deserted us for a week up in the mountains.  This was the last year she could attend Girl's Camp, as she'll turn 18 and graduate this year (How is that possible?)

With #3 gone all week, and #1 working a lot, I already feel like my house is empty.  The weeks that I only had 3 kids at home was quite depressing, and boring.  I told my kids that they aren't allowed to ever leave me again.  And I mean it!!!