Jul 13, 2015

Independence Day 2015

 Provo's Freedom Festival Parade always starts off our Fourth of July.
I can remember my Gram taking me and my family to this parade when I was little.  Now my family carries on the tradition.  Every 4th of July, you can find us somewhere along the parade route.  
For years my parents and siblings, even Gram, would all gather together to watch the parade.  We even use to wear matching t-shirts (I'm sure we looked super cute!), and eat donuts with chocolate milk.  Somehow, over the years, everyone has bowed out and now it's just us.
"Develop family traditions. Some of the great strengths of families can be

found in their own traditions, which may consist of many things: making
special occasions of the blessing of children, baptisms, ordinations to the
priesthood, birthdays, fishing trips, skits on Christmas Eve, family home
evening, and so forth. The traditions of each family are unique and are
provided in a large measure by the mother’s imprint.”

Traditions = Strong Families

My kids look forward to this tradition every summer.  It makes them happy, which makes me happy.  It brings us closer together as a family 
and that's totally worth fighting the crowd, getting up early, and sweating in the sun.