Jul 30, 2015

Celebrate Summer

Summer vacation has gone by way too fast!  We've been having so much fun, I've hardly had time to blog it all.  What have we been up?
 Last week Clint dusted off his cowboy boots and extra large belt buckle and took #2 and #4 to the Rodeo.  They all had a boot-scootin', rip-roarin' good time.
 We've also gone to a baseball game or two.
Apparently, selfies are a must at baseball games (basically selfies are a must for these two anywhere)!
 So are photos with the team mascot.
We also had Clint cousin, Samantha and her fiance stay with us for a few days.  They're getting married in September.  And yes, I made sure there was no hanky-panky going on.
wink wink
One nice sunny hot day, we took them up to the local reservoir to work on their wedding tans.  As soon as we arrived, the clouds rolled in and the wind picked up.  We were only there for 20 minutes.  It was awesome!  Oh well. . . 
 We've also done some car repairs (when I say we here, I really mean #1).  He super mega talented when it comes to fixing stuff. If you ever need something fixed, he's the man!
 We've also spent a lot of time reading on the sleeping porch/patio (whatever you want to call it).
(When I say we this time, I really mean we.)
 We've also spent most Wednesday at the library where they play a movie, and serve popcorn, all for Fah-Weeee.  Yep, our library is the bomb-diggity!  
We've also sought refuge in the bathroom for an hour when a huge thunder storm rolled in during one of Clint's games.  They eventually ended up canceling the game.
And last but not least, this summer recap would not be complete without me mentioning that we've also shucked a lot of corn (when I say we here, I mean #6.  We took a vote, and crowned her the family's official corn-husker).